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Welcome Summer Interns

Meet Our 2020 Interns

Learn more about internships at SC Builders on our university page here.

2020 internsWill Salady

Chico State, Class of 2021
Major: Construction Management
Business Minor: Project Management

We’re happy to welcome Will back to SC Builders after his summer with us in 2018. Will enjoys all sports, especially hockey and football, and he recently picked up disc golf. His main hobby is brewing beer. This summer he’s part of our Qualcomm team in Santa Clara.

Tell us about a rewarding experience during your college years.

Definitely my last ASC Competition, in February 2019. I really enjoy working with a team of peers trying to figure out the problem. Also I was Team Captain this year so was able to stretch my leadership skills.

ASC challenges students in different ways to be adaptable to real world situations. School is more structured. The things we study and the problems we solve in class require more generic answers. But at ASC, we have to be flexible and creative to solve a problem that encompasses more than just one subject, but several overlapping concepts.

We enjoyed having you as an intern summer 2018. Why did you decide to return to SC Builders?

As my last summer before graduation, it was really decision time. What it came down to for me was: who do I match up with personality-wise? Who did I get to know the best?

The team I worked with in 2018 kept in contact with me. It was clear their message was “We care about you as more than ‘just an intern’, and we’d love for you to join our team again.”

Fun fact – Favorite restaurant – The Banshee in Chico made the best burger I’ve ever eaten.
Fun fact – Best dance move – The Twist! (My moves are 60 years old, lol)

2020 internsJosh De Mattei

Cal Poly, Class of 2021
Major: Construction Management
Minor: Real Estate Property Development

Josh loves camping, hiking, surfing, mountain biking, and snowboarding. He also enjoys spending time with his German Shepard, Roxy (also the name of SC Builders HQ mascot, Rocksie!) This summer Josh has joined our team at Lawrence Station in Santa Clara.

If you were to work at a firm that, in 10 years, made front-page headlines for achieving something impressive, what would you like that achievement to be?

Something innovative which makes a key process more efficient, or makes it possible for fewer people to accomplish part of the build. It’s been exciting to see so many software tools out there which improve communication and innovate to make a process super efficient. The firm would be even more competitive because of this achievement, and ideally it would also move the industry forward.

Why SC Builders?

At the career fair and interview, I appreciated that they spoke to me on the level, and asked me about my future aspirations. The water bottle they handed out had two things on it that really resonated with me: Strong, Smart, Unique, Positive—the firm’s values—and the phrase “A Passion for Building.” Both of those were cool to me—unique values, and really goes back to being a builder in construction.

I also like that it’s not a huge company. They run thin, and everyone is super intelligent, so you know you’re working with people who are the best at what they do. I like that—and I want to make myself the best so I can help carry the team.

Fun fact – Hidden talent: Juggling
Fun fact – Words to live by: Always stay humble and kind. (Tim McGraw)

2020 internsHarrison Freitas

Chico State, Class of 2023
Major: Construction Management

Harrison loves fishing (mostly bass) and spending time with his family, and he’s president of the rugby club at Chico. This summer Harrison joined our team at the Facebook Dumbarton Campus in Fremont.

What motivates you about a career in construction?

I always enjoy seeing the project come together. A lot of time and energy is put into each project by a whole team of people. It’s awesome to see everyone’s hard work come to fruition. Most rewarding to me, though, is building relationships with the team and subcontractors, and meeting new people.

Why SC Builders?

The people sold me from day one. The relationships I saw really impressed me, along with the culture and atmosphere. No one takes themselves too seriously, but everyone is working hard toward a common goal. I saw this right from the start, at the Chico info session, and then the interview was really comfortable also. It was more like conversation than a formal interview.

Fun fact – Dream vacation: Going back to Ireland with my family.
Fun fact – Best concert: Mumford & Sons at BottleRock

2020 internsNiko Ivancovich

Chico State, Class of 2021
Major: Construction Management
Minor: Business Management

Niko loves being active—he works out a lot and enjoys the outdoors and all sports, especially football, lacrosse, and basketball. He enjoys hanging out with his fraternity brothers and takes his German Shepard with him everywhere. This summer Niko is helping out our team at Gilead in Foster City.

What do you think will be in the future of construction?

The way we build will be different: more complex, more advanced, and, as technology improves in the world, buildings themselves will become more complicated. There will be a lot more automation (AI, robots), and a lot more built offsite and taken in.

Why SC Builders?

I liked what I learned about the culture at the presentation, that employees enjoy hanging out together outside work, doing volunteer work, going to the beach. A friend who’s a recruiter in the industry told me SC Builders has a very good reputation—that was great to hear. Also, the projects are just really cool! Many tech companies, big names.

Fun fact – Favorite saying: Those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail.
Fun fact – Dream vacation: Traveling across Europe on a sailboat, stopping at many ports to learn about the cultures, history, and food.




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