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Welcome Summer Interns 2021

Meet Our 2021 Interns

Learn more about internships at SC Builders on our university page here.

2021 internsBen Carter

Cal Poly, Class of 2024
Major: Construction Management

Favorite Project:

I enjoyed working on the 10X Genomics project where I was able to see a gutted building turned into a completed lab space. Seeing all the moving parts and planning required for a large construction project was awesome. The project was in an occupied building with other tenants which created lots of unique challenges. Being a part of multiple trades simultaneously working and the coordination required to keep the project running smoothly and on time was a great experience.

Why SC Builders?

I chose to work with SCBI due to their high level of prestige and the wide variety of opportunities they offer in the construction industry. I wanted to be in the field and have as much firsthand experience as possible, and that is exactly what SC offers. On day one I was put on a jobsite and began working with a team. SC has a smaller company feel, valuing its employees and the workplace culture. I was treated like an employee and felt like I was a part of the company immediately. I wasn’t stuck behind a computer doing busy work all day but was given responsibilities and on-site work. I worked with the foreman, superintendent, project manager, project engineer, and the trades daily, giving me the firsthand experience I was looking for.

Hobbies: Dirt-biking, snowboarding, off-roading, and camping.

2021 internsCarlos Rosales

Chico State, Class of 2022
Major: Construction Management

What excites you most about the construction industry?

What excites me the most about the construction industry is the people. I love having the opportunity to interact with all types of people and getting to know everyone. Construction also gives you the opportunity to learn something new every day which I enjoy.

Why SC Builders?

After attending the info sessions at Chico State for the past 3 years, SC Builders has been one that has stood out to me. I love that SC Builders is family oriented. They make sure that nobody feels left out and they always have each other’s backs. Since day one, I have felt part of the team. It’s amazing to see how everyone at SC Builders is so passionate about what they do. I also really appreciate that SC Builders cares about the community.

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, going to the gym, football (SF 49ers), and soccer.

2021 internsNathan Saedi

Cal Poly, Class of 2022
Major: Construction Management

What do you think will be in the future of construction?

I think BIM is the future of construction as well as VDC. I think technology is moving so quickly that we may be able to complete projects quicker without as much manual labor. I think Green Buildings are also the future, and with that comes everything that is Zero net carbon.

Why SC Builders?

I have wanted to find an internship up in the Bay Area for a summer since I started college. Last summer, I had signed to intern with a company in San Francisco, but the internship was cancelled due to covid. Fortunately, I talked to Cesar, Loriza, and Kirk at the career fair, and decided that I wanted to pursue this company. Watching the culture video made me even more excited to intern with SC Builders.

Hobbies: Playing basketball, hiking, traveling, spending time with family & friends, and trying new things.

2020 internsAJ Thorat

Sacramento State, Class of 2022
Major: Master in Structural Engineering

Favorite project:

My favorite project was Money Baby! A sportsbook project in the Virgin Hotel, Las Vegas. It was a great learning opportunity for me where I got exposure to various aspects of construction that I was not familiar with. Being a sportsbook project in Vegas, the interior design of the project was a driving force. Money Baby helped me learn about the importance of coordination between different trades to successfully complete the project within given time frame. Money Baby makes it more special as it was inaugurated by Sir Richard Branson, which I would cherish for lifetime.

Why SC Builders?

The Engineering Career Fair that SC Builders attended at Sac State was a huge driving factor for wanting to come to SCBI. What drew me in was hearing about all the exciting projects and the obvious community engagement. Being actively involved in the community is very important to me and it was great to see that what is important to me aligns with SC Builder’s values as well.

Hobbies: Paintball, ping pong, sudoku, going to the gym, and traveling.

2020 internsNathan Yi

Cal Poly, Class of 2022
Major: Construction Management

What excites you about the construction industry?

I’ve always been curious about how such complex buildings are constructed. Now I realize how so many people from so many different trades are involved in the process, all working in unison. It has really given me perspective of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes and I cannot wait to be a part of all of that. I am excited to make new relationships and connections with the people that I will have the privilege to work with in the future. I get to contribute to the creation of structures that are going to be used by so many, and so see why working in this industry is going to be so rewarding!

Why SC Builders?

The culture and atmosphere is what sold me from day one. I first learned about SC Builders through the career fair and the family oriented culture at SC Builders caught my attention immediately. It was nice to see that employees are spending time together outside of work and that SC Builders makes huge contributions to the community. The people that I was able to speak to during the interview process really made me feel welcomed. I also really enjoy the size of the company and that everyone is the best at what they do. It was exciting to know that I was going to be working with quality people and it inspired me to want to become the best to help the team continue to produce great work. To cap it all off, SC Builders gave me an internship opportunity close to home so it seemed like the perfect choice.

Hobbies: I really enjoy all sports, especially basketball, volleyball, and golf. Recently, my favorite activity to do with friends or family is bowling. I just started to pick up bowling again this summer and I’ve been going daily ever since.

2021 internsTigran Markaryan

Santa Clara University, Class of 2022
Major: Civil Engineering

If you were to work at a firm that, in 10 years, made front-page headlines for achieving something impressive, what would you like that achievement to be?

Infinite power source.

Why SC Builders?

SC Builders is very welcoming and has a strong presence.

Hobbies: Legos, soccer, and music.


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