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Bowman School Grand Opening

New Learning Village Site in Palo Alto

Building Bowman School’s new Learning Village in Palo Alto has meant a lot to us here at SC Builders. It’s been a challenging and rewarding project. While not all features are complete, we’re excited that Bowman will celebrate the project at their Grand Opening tomorrow.



The new Learning Village will provide an environment where students can be academically challenged in a self-directed and individual learning format. Features include an IDEA Lab (STEM center, arts, and media), gymnasium, an outdoor learning amphitheater, and a Children’s House which will provide preschool classes and additional space for administration offices. The small-scale residential character of the site was designed to fit harmoniously with the surrounding, mostly residential neighborhood.


“Helping to bring the Learning Village site from concept to reality has been a favorite project for our team,” said Steve Dunne, SCBI Project Executive. “The goal of the design team was to create a small-scale, residential-style ‘learning village’ that reflects the Montessori educational philosophy and emphasizes the individualized learning approach using both indoor and outdoor spaces. These goals were met and exceeded, while also ensuring the new site fits in well with the neighborhood context and is respectful of the surrounding uses.”



Bowman artwork being installed

Showcasing many custom-designed, artistic details, the project nearly doubles the school’s size and required complicated permitting as well as demo and grading. It features a below-grade amphitheater, green building, and site-work, and the ground-up buildings include wood frame, structural steel, and shotcrete.


Congratulations to our entire team!


All pictures here are early in construction process. More information and pictures on our project page.


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