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Humble Bundle, 10th Floor TI

With both a highly compressed schedule and selective high-end finishes, the buildout for Humble Bundle’s new space at 160 Spear Street had no room for delay as they were growing out of their old space. It was imperative to keep all procurement and custom-fabricated items in alignment with the schedule. One custom finish example: 3D BAUX tiles in the all-hands wall and ceiling. Their layout was critical to create the featured texture and gaming feel that HGA and Humble Bundle envisioned.

Additionally, while the new space was larger than their previous office, the new site was still fairly small, thus minimizing our ability to stack trades: all trades were coordinated and install dates/durations were met at all costs. Through our efforts to hire good subcontractors that could partner with all teams to make good decisions in a timely manner, we built the space in accordance with our schedule and got Humble Bundle into their new space as anticipated.



Humble Bundle


San Francisco, CA

Project Type

Corporate Tenant Improvement


11,500 SF



Project Office
San Francisco skyline - our office is across the street from Transamerica Building
San Francisco
Project Manager
Kirk Wagerman

Humble Bundle, 10th Floor TI
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