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Safety Month: Walking the Walk

safety counts“Safety isn’t about talking the talk, but walking the walk.” Great to hear from our staff during Safety Month about what motivates them to make safe choices.

Below find answers from:

  • Bevedine Cosey, Project Engineer
  • Jose Rosales, Project Engineer
  • Kevin Brittner, Superintendent
  • Brad Ruiz, Field Safety Supervisor
  • Tiffany Soto, Accounting Specialist
  • Michael McCullagh, Superintendent
  • Mike Morelli, Superintendent
  • Todd Merrill, Preconstruction Project Manager
  • Tanner Janich,. Project Engineer
  • Samuel Reyes, Superintendent
  • Marshal Mariucci, Project Engineer
  • Joey Papangellin, Project Engineer
  • Don LaHood, Senior Superintendent

We are stronger and safer together!

Safety Month 2020

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