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Santa Clara Office Building With COVID Bells and Whistles


SC Builders’ recently finished office building, Lawrence Station Development, features an array of bells and whistles aimed at raising the comfort level of tenants in the COVID and post-COVID era. The shell of this 173,500 sq. ft. class A office building in Santa Clara is complete and the interiors are ready to be prepared for tenants.

Among the anti-COVID measures features added by SC Builders:

  • Doors that can hold open
  • Directional lighting to help traffic flow in the stairwells
  • Bathrooms crafted to provide more privacy
  • Bathrooms with a single path of travel
  • On-site dog run to help canines adjust to a return to work after months of owners working from home
  • Outdoor access features from the offices
  • Large balconies offer extensive outdoor amenities
  • Best-practice heating and air conditioning systems

Lawrence Station, BDG

Kudos to our client  Bayview Development Group (BDG) and RMW Architecture  for their bold strategy in summer of 2020—adjusting plans to adapt to post-COVID realities. To accomplish these design changes, our teams turned on a dime mid-construction. This included modifying 10 bathroom cores to create fifty separate individual stalls. BDG and SC Builders also worked closely with RMW to rethink path of travel and upgrade the stairwells throughout the building. These changes required innovative thinking, fast action, and incredible teamwork.

BDG and RMW developed hypothetical post-COVID floor plans for future tenants. Check those out here.  More details about RMW’s design response to this building here.

Our team quickly adapted to support our forward-thinking client by implementing these changes. Thank you to our teams for getting it done. We’re thrilled to see this building now on the market and gaining traction with prospective tenants.

Lawrence Station, BDG
Lawrence Station, BDG
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About the Project

Client: Bayview Development Group

Location: Santa Clara, CA

Project Type: Ground-Up, Class A Office Building

Size: 175,000+ SF


Interested in Leasing this Space?

GREGORY M. DAVIES | 408.221.0290 | tertbel.qnivrf@phfujnxr.pbz

Leasing Website
Client Brochure

We are pleased to see activity in the market really picking up. The COVID-related safety changes have been well-received. Our design with outdoor verandas, dog run, and high visibility on Lawrence Expressway is resonating well with the companies touring projects at our size.”

Ted McMahon
Bayview Development Group


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